Re-election of
                  President Abraham Lincoln

It seems appropriate for all to discover the words of Lincoln's own Second Inaugural Address and  re-election speech. Perfect speeches to reach across time and reflect his words to our fragile existence today.

The origins of re-election speech script are with Chicago History Museum, and writer Gene Walsh, contracted by CHM to write an election speech for the highly successful exhibit
“The Last Best Hope of Earth: Abraham Lincoln and the Promise of America”
The speech was in such demand that I was soon in Washington DC recording it for Library of Congress and adding more work days as the exhibit gained success. Thereafter becoming my weekly performance material in CHM's Voices From History Program for the next 9 years.
 I have performed this speech for 16 years across the United States,
 and it is
always well received both north and south.
Michael Krebs Nov. 2011

Abraham Lincoln
speech based on re-election

A 30 minute speech with appropriate material for your event.
Cameras at Meet-and-Greets add a special remembrance for your guests.

This program is offered for education programming, libraries, museums, and
special speaking engagements, etc.

(Running time can be altered depending on event)

Contact me for fees and other information you require

Michael Krebs as Abraham Lincoln
Major General Clark with actor
                              Michael Krebs as Abraham Lincoln presents
                              to Sovereign ChallengeMajor General Mark Clark, Chief of Staff U.S. Special Operations Command presents a gift to Michael Krebs
following presentation of re-election speech.

                          McRaven, U.S. Navy and Michael Krebs

Admiral William McRaven, U.S. Navy  USSOCOM
Ninth commander of U.S. Special Operations Command,
greets Michael Krebs at Sovereign Challenge VIII.

I Cannot begin to express the honor I felt in presenting for these distinguished heroes of our century.
Michael Krebs

Sovereign Challenge

Sovereign Challenge web site
Actor Michael Krebs as Abraham Lincoln
                  presents to Sovereign Challenge
December 6, 2011. As guest speaker at Sovereign Challenge VIII, Michael Krebs presents re-election speech to
 U.S. Special Operations Command Officers and Diplomats from around the world in Savannah, Georgia.

Actor Michael Krebs as Abraham Lincoln
Michael Krebs performs re-election speech for 150th anniversary of Abraham Lincoln’s first Inaugural Banquet,
Willard Intercontinental Hotel,
Washington DC

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March 5, 2011
Lincoln inaugural banquet a rousing success
By Rick Snider
The 150th anniversary of Abraham Lincoln’s first inaugural was a bigger success than the original.
Lincoln only gained 39 percent of the popular vote and 18 of 34 states when becoming president in 1861. Soon after the South broke away and the Civil War was on.
But the March 5 remembrance was filled with more than 300 Lincoln backers at the Willard Intercontinental Hotel for a re-enactment of that first inaugural banquet. The near-three hour affair was filled with good food, quality re-enactors, great music and a show-stopping performance by Michael Krebs.... he showed us what Lincoln was like on that day with a passionate speech on trying to mend fences. It made me feel like I was watching the actual event.


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Mr. Lincoln's Virtual Library became a reality on Feb. 3, 1998

More than 20,000 documents are in the "Abraham Lincoln Papers at the Library of Congress" presentation.
"Mr. Lincoln's Virtual Library" offers a Webcast of a 1998 event at the Library in which the digitization of Lincoln materials was announced. A highlight is a performance by Lincoln impersonator Michael Krebs.
The Library's Web site is a great way to make your own discoveries about the parallel lives of Lincoln and Whitman.

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